Recapping the 6Ps for Marketing YOU

Recapping the 6Ps for Marketing YOU


Marketing is letting people know about you and that you’re in the game.

Marketing is a part of operating The Business of You to manage your most important economic asset—your career.

During the past 6 weeks, we have covered how you can apply the 6Ps of Marketing to create awareness of your personal brand—what you stand for, the value you offer, and what makes you unique.

Presentation:     Do the Right People Know Your Brand?

Positioning:       Being at the Right Place at the Right Time

Persona:            How Do You Want to Be Perceived?

Packaging:       Do You Have the Whole Package?

Promotion:     Promoting That Brand Called YOU

Passion:           Passion Matters

Following are career situations and challenges to which you can apply the 6Ps of Marketing.

Situation/Challenge  Related 6Ps
Developing and executing a career plan Packaging, Positioning, Passion
Preparing a resume Persona, Packaging
Interviewing for position or assignment Persona, Packaging, Positioning
Planning a job search, career campaign Packaging, Positioning, Promotion, Passion
Creating and sustaining a personal image Persona, Presentation
Managing interactions with career brokers Persona, Packaging, Presentation
Preparing your input into organizational talent pool evaluations Persona, Packaging
Considering job offers and assignments Positioning, Passion, Persona
Building a personal network Promotion

Do you own your career?

How well can you articulate who you are, what you can offer, and what makes you unique?

How well are you managing your touchpoints?

Are you at the right place at the right time in your career?

Do you know the whole package your company requires for the positions to which you aspire?

Are you promoting your brand?

Do you know your passion?

I invite you to share your comments, experiences, and suggestions. This helps me provide information that may help you address your career opportunities and challenges.

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Starting next week, we will focus on Selling—connecting with decision makers and convincing them to hire or promote you.

Linwood Bailey is a career coach and the author of The Business of Me: Your Job … Your Career … Your Value. The Business of Me provides a career management process and information designed for today’s business professional. Since 2008, Linwood has enabled business professionals to manage their careers. Linwood, the been there coach, provides innovative career management solutions derived from his 34 years of experience managing functions and people in multiple industries, regions, and corporate cultures.



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