One on one coaching

One-on-one coaching

Are you in control of your career or is it reacting to others and circumstances?

Your career is your most important economic asset. When you move from being managed by circumstances, events, and others to proactively managing your career, you exert more control over your promotions, assignments, and compensation. You also increase your employment staying power with your company. You build your professional value.

Managing a career is quite a challenge in today’s demanding and constantly changing business and employment environment. To succeed in today’s business environment, companies have downsized, restructured, implemented new business models, and changed the way employees are recruited, assigned, and evaluated.  As a consequence, professionals are faced with fewer opportunities for promotions, intense competition for exceptional pay raises, and higher risks of experiencing interruptions in their employment.

  • Do you have a pro forma resume, the resume you want to have in the future?
  • Do you feel that your career is in neutral with advancement opportunities nowhere in sight?
  • Have you thought about your next position or assignment and where it could lead you?
  • Are you satisfied with your position in your organization’s talent pool?
  • Are you finding it difficult to find the time and a process to develop a personal development plan?
  • Are you concerned that the investment of your time and money in earning that graduate or undergraduate degree or professional certification is not paying off for you?
  • Is your standard of living paying the price because the cost of living is outpacing your salary increases?
  • Are you concerned that you may lose your job due to a company downsizing, reorganization, divestiture, acquisition, or takeover by another company?
  • Are you worried as months pass without being employed?
  • Are you concerned that your skills are becoming outdated or decreasing in demand?

Fields of Success works with business professionals to convert their needs, challenges, and issues into career success stories. We serve our clients based on the Fields of Success Coaching Process that will help you define your objectives and how to achieve them and ensure that we tailor your coaching engagement to fit your personal style, background, and situation. 

Review The Business of Me: Your Job … Your Career … Your Value, a career management guidebook authored by Linwood Bailey, Principal and Founder of Fields of Success.

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