Individual Solutions

Individual Coaching

Fields of Success coaching is based on the pillars of Awareness and Responsibility.

  • Awareness: discovering and confirming your personal product (the value you offer: your strengths, skills, and capabilities), opportunities, and options
  • Responsibility: setting goals and taking actions to achieve your goals

Fields of Success coaching engagements include three components.

  • Introduction of concepts, processes, and principles.
  • Application through exercises
  • Support through coaching and advising

We will work with you to establish an agreement to guide our engagement. The agreement will include:

  • Objectives (what you want to accomplish)
  • Deliverables (what you will receive)
  • Process to guide the migration from where you are to where you want to be
  • Ground rules for conducting coaching sessions
  • Your responsibilities and those of Fields of Success
  • Statement of confidentiality and privacy
  • Code of coaching ethics
  • Fees and payment terms

Fields of Success recognizes that you are unique. Coach may assume various roles during the coaching engagement based on your personal style, background, and situation, including:

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