The Business of Me Series

Business Management Process

The Business of Me Series


Our careers are our most important economic asset.


People will follow a process that helps them serve their self-interests.


Like the Business Management Process, The Business of Me Career Management Process is a holistic and integrated value creation process. It enables professionals to determine what information they need, when they need it, and how to use it to manage their careers. This includes knowledge of how to utilize the personal development resources your company provides for your employees.

The Business of Me Series includes five (5) interactive presentations:

Topics Core Message
The Business of Me: Creating Personal Value through Career Management You can create personal value by doing what companies do to create value for their stakeholders. You perform one or more components of the process in your job.
Developing a Product Called YOU Everyone has something to offer to create professional value. That something is your personal product.
Why Me? Developing Your Personal Brand You are unique. You can use your uniqueness to experience the career you want to have.
Managing Your TouchPoints: Making Your Value Known To have the career you want, you need to make decision makers and influencers aware of what you offer.
Staying Relevant … Staying in the Game Change is constant in today’s business and professional world. Manage change or it will manage you.

The Business of Me Series introduces innovative career management concepts.

  • Personal Product
  • Pro Forma Resume
  • Career Brokers
  • TouchPoints
  • Personal EVA
  • Personal Transformation

The Business of Me Series interactive presentations will include:

  • Introduction of concepts
  • How to apply concepts
  • Questions and comments from audience
  • Challenges to the audience

Presentations can be tailored to the specific needs of your audiences.

Fields of Success can deliver the total series or individual presentations.

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