Developing the Product Called YOU

Developing the Product Called YOU


People are an organization’s most important asset.


People will follow a process that helps them serve their self-interests.


Mutual satisfaction of interests facilitates engagement.


Engagement Zone

Developing the Product Called YOU is a workshop solution designed to help organizations develop and retain talent. Workshops provide a process, templates, tools, and reference information that enable employees to take personal responsibility for their development.

  • Determine what professional development they need, when they need it, and how to use information
  • Develop filter for making career decisions
  • Leverage use of personal development processes and resources the company offers

For the organization, Developing a Product Called YOU provides a process that:

  • Increases the engagement of managers and supervisors in the development of members of their teams
  • Facilitates employee input into organizational talent pool evaluations
  • Increases chances of retaining talent by creating a zone where managers and employees can connect to discuss the overlapping goals and interests of the employee and the organization

Workshops include:

  • Interactive presentation of professional development concepts, processes, and tools
  • Exercises
  • Discussions

Fields of Success will work with you to design your workshops to satisfy the specific needs of organizations and groups of employees in your company.

Contact Fields of Success to discuss how Developing the Product Called YOU can help you achieve your Talent Development and Retention objectives.