Corporate Coaching Solutions

Developing and sustaining a pipeline of talent is critical to continuing business success.

Would you like to strengthen your talent pipeline?

  • Are your employees taking personal responsibility for their development?
  • Are you satisfied with the level of employee use of the personal development processes, resources, and tools that you provide for them? (You built it. Are they coming?)
  • Do your employees view talent pool evaluations as a personal development enabler or a source of stress?
  • Is personal development a continuous process or a series of events in your organization?
  • Are you concerned about losing talent?
  • Would you like to strengthen your case for sustaining funding for training and other talent development programs?
  • Do you have employees who are not performing at the level of their potential?

Fields of Success offers solutions that can supplement your Talent Development and Retention processes, programs, and resources to make them work better. Our solutions reflect the following principles.

  • Our careers are our most important economic asset.
  • People are an organization’s most important asset.
  • People act in their self-interests. Everyone listens to Radio Station WIIFM. (What’s In It For Me)
  • People will follow a process that helps them serve their self-interests.
  • Mutual satisfaction of interests facilitate engagement.

Fields of Success offers the following solutions.

  • Business Management ProcessThe Business of Me speaking engagements
  • Developing the Product Called YOU
  • Coaching

The Business of Me is a series of speaking engagements that introduces a process that relates the personal economic interests of individuals to career management. The series is based on The Business of Me: Your Job … Your Career … Your Value, a career management guidebook authored by Linwood Bailey, Principal and Founder of Fields of Success. The Business of Me Series explains how individuals can create personal value by applying the Business Management Process, an age-old and proven business value creation process, to create personal value


Developing the Product Called YOU.  The workshop provides a process that will enable employees to take personal responsibility for creating and executing personal professional development plans. The Business of Me 5 Step Professional Development Process applies the Business Product Development Process to personal development.

The Business of Me Process

Fields of Success will work with you to design coaching engagements to address the career needs of individuals you designate in your organization. The Fields of Success Coaching Approach is based on 4 components.