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The Business of Me Career Management Process

The Business of Me Career Management Process provides the platform for delivering Fields of Success solutions to address the career management needs of the individual and the talent development and retention needs of the organization.

From the perspective of the individual, our careers are our most important economic asset. The value individuals create from their careers enables them to fulfill their personal economic hopes and dreams. The Business of Me Career Management Process applies the age-old and proven process that businesses use to create value for their stakeholders. That process is the Business Management Process.

Business Management ProcessFrom an organizational perspective, building and sustaining a pipeline of talent is essential to organizational success in today’s constantly changing business environment.

The success of the talent pipeline depends on the strength of the talent development partnership between employees and the organization. Employees must be engaged—take personal responsibility for their development. Organizations also must offer personal development processes, resources, and tools to support personal development.

Employees become engaged when they recognize the What’s In IT For Me Factor (WIIFM).

The Business of Me Career Management Process embeds the WIIFM Factor. Personal goals and career interest generated from personal development plans linked to the goals and needs of the organization create the engagement zone—the space where the talent development partnership is created between the employee and the organization.

Engagement ZoneTake a look at the Fields of Success Individual Solutions and Company Solutions to learn more about how Fields of Success can help you achieve your career and organizational goals.