Managing Your TouchPoints: Somebody’s Watching You!

There are individuals in your organization who decide who gets hired, promoted, or assigned or who influence the decision makers. I call these individuals career brokers. How do the career brokers in your organization view you?

Career brokers can include:

  • Your boss
  • Your boss’s boss
  • Executives in your organization
  • Peers of your boss
  • The human resources manager or representative who supports your organization
  • Other people of influence in your company

I refer to interactions with career brokers as touchpoints. Touchpoints include:

  • How you conduct meetings
  • Your participation in meetings
  • Your communications (oral, electronic, written)
  • Your job performance
  • How well you manage your career

Following are questions that I suggest that ask yourself, a trusted colleague or peer, or even your boss to determine how well you are managing your touchpoints.

  • Are you dressing for the position to which you are aspiring or for the position you have today? (Are you giving others the opportunity to see you in a bigger role or position with greater responsibilities?)
  • Do you greet or interact with individuals in a manner that reflects how you want to be viewed?
  • Do your work habits reflect the image you want to present?
  • Do you respond or react to challenging situations or issues?
  • Do you perform and deliver results that meet or exceed the expectations of your manager and individuals or departments that depend on your performance to accomplish their objectives?
  • What images do you present or value to the organization you reflect when you participate in meetings?
  • Are you clear and concise when you speak?
  • Are your e-mail messages clear and concise, portraying your grasp of topic of the topic at hand?
  • Do attendees at your meetings compliment you on the way you conduct meetings or do they avoid eye contact and conversations with you when the meetings end?
  • Do you present an image that you are in control of your career, know where you want to go, and are taking actions to get you to where you want to be?

Somebody who matters is watching you. It is not what you intend to be seen, it is what others see that matters. Perception is reality.

Do you know who the career brokers are in your organization?

Are you managing your touchpoints?

Are you wondering why you are not being promoted or selected for great assignments?

Do you feel that you are not being noticed for what you have done or can do?

Would you like to share your experiences and perspectives?