Do You Know That Product Called You?

Why would anyone want to hire you? This is a question I pose to individuals seeking my assistance when they have lost their jobs. Most of the time my question is followed by a long moment of silence. When you conduct a job search, you embark on one of the most challenging initiatives of your life, selling YOU. I once asked a successful salesman to share the secret of his success. He responded, “pots and pans”. My response was, “John, you sell adhesives. What do pots and pans have to do with your success?” His response was:

My concept for success is looking for people who want to cook. My approach to them is I have your pots and pans. You have my money. Let’s make the exchange.

At the core of a successful sale (a sales pitch that results in a purchase) lies the Product. Prospects purchase when the product solves a problem or satisfies a need. Successful salespersons:

  • Know the problems their product can solve or the needs it can satisfy.
  • Identify who may need their product.
  • Connect to potential customers who may need their product.

If you are conducting or considering conducting a job search, keep in mind that:

Right Capabilities + Right Situation = Hiring

  • Know your personal product, your capabilities and what problems you can solve or needs you could satisfy for an employer.
  • Know what factors, conditions, or circumstances trigger a need for your product.
  • Develop a plan for connecting to organizations, companies, or individuals whose success (and maybe survival) depends on solving the problems your product can solve.

Do you know your product?

What problems can your product solve?

Who needs your product?

What job search challenges have your experienced?