I had the pleasure of receiving career coaching from Linwood Bailey, Owner of Fields of Success and wish to express my appreciation for his vast knowledge of the field and his extraordinary knowledge of the job search process.

I was introduced to Mr. Bailey at my Job Search Work Team.  He provided an overview of his book, The Business of Me. 

I have a successful IT career that has spanned over 20 years in the Public Sector and felt that I had a grasp of job hunting.  Was I incorrect!

Following the tools provided in his book, I changed my attitude about job search and began developing my Product of Me.  I redesigned my resume, produced my own “tag line” and discovered a new attitude in job search.

I received immediate responses from my new resume, handbill and cover letters and within days had several recruiters and employers contacting me directly.  I was receiving responses from employers that never responded before to several applications.

I spoke with Mr. Bailey once more to receive additional coaching, prior to a final interview with a decision Maker.  Mr. Bailey provided me with the tools that I needed (and questions to ask) to get me through that interview with flying colors – the interviewer was so impressed with my product (me) that she double checked my salary requirements to ensure that my requirements would meet within her posted range! I am anticipating positive results from this interview but I have the confidence to continue moving forward regardless — because of his teachings. I encourage you to work with him and get ready for a new YOU!

Thank you Linwood Bailey.


Sherryl Brown, Project Lead and Business Analyst

 Linwood’s coaching was invaluable.  He brings a rare combination of seasoned business executive, guide, and coach with unique perspectives and listening skills. With Linwood’s guidance, I have learned to identify key performance issues and key relationships critical to achieving my goals. Linwood is incredibly skilled at asking the insightful questions that help you see things from different points of view. His style is a combination of patiently challenging and remarkably instinctive. Because of Linwood’s coaching, I am now the owner of my career goals.

– Ormaun Lewis, Supply Chain Professional

Linwood helped me stabilize my plan to return to full-time employment in the corporate sector. He reinforced the actions and milestones I needed to establish to achieve my goals. His insight and non-biased views helped me to remain on task. Linwood provides the voice of reason in a sea of noise. He has a keen insight into building positive relationships and how to close the employment deal. When it comes to influencing and networking, he simply gets it.

– Jim Bridges, Senior Human Resources Manager

Linwood really cares about people and their development and has so much wisdom and knowledge to share. He also is well-grounded and politically savvy.  He understands the politics and workings of a large company. I learned so many things from Linwood that I would have never learned on my own.  He helped me increase my self-confidence.

– Rebecca Mack, Project Management Professional

Linwood helped me improve the accountability of my staff while retaining a positive environment, improve the service levels of the group to better retain our customers, and improve our internal process to create efficiencies to our service model. He has taught me to be a better leader, and to not lose sight of my vision despite the daily issues and problems which I would confront.  He has also taught me to better manage the expectations of my team with my superiors. Most importantly, he also helped me to not lose sight of my family life which was drastically out of balance. Linwood has the ability to listen to the issues and help you develop a plan and the approach to execute it. His approach helps you keep things simple.

– T.J. Billings, Senior Accounting Manager

Armed with a wealth of knowledge in areas ranging from personal branding, professional development, and networking to identifying barriers, decision makers, and support systems, Linwood gets the job done! Using humor and a no nonsense approach to identify objectives and the steps necessary to achieve desired outcomes, he challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone in order to achieve my goals.

– Wanda Powell, Financial Services Professional

Linwood’s coaching has been immeasurably beneficial to me. I am truly amazed at how much of an impact Linwood had on me. He truly led me to the next level of performance in my professional and private life and brought about in me what I believe is enduring change. Working with Linwood, I managed to achieve goals which I previously thought were out of my reach, knowing what I wanted, but not knowing how I was going to get there. Engaging Linwood as your coach is like having another brain to access.

– John Hornak, Supply Chain Executive

I had a difficult time with prioritization and creating the structure I needed to achieve my objectives. Linwood assisted me in developing strategies to improve my performance. He also provided working concepts and solutions. As a result, his wisdom and experience has helped me overcome many hurdles in the corporate world.

Roy Jones, Account Executive

Linwood was instrumental in helping me implement managerial and staff changes that were necessary in my business. He helped me gain the foresight into the impacts of proposed changes that I would not have predicted myself. His years of experience make his suggestions and tactics time-tested. Linwood’s coaching gave me the outside perspective I needed to see the “forest for the trees”.  He made me realize that I need not “go it alone” and that I have someone in my corner to help me achieve my goals. He has a unique blend of talents that enables him to provide the advice and mentoring to keep you focused and on task. His real life experiences and broad background in the sports, military, and corporate worlds culminate in an important person to have as your coach.

– Matt Loria, Business Owner & Executive