Fields of Success Business Coaching

Individual Solutions

Your career is your most important economic asset. It provides the path for fulfilling your economic hopes and dreams—homes you want to own, cars you want to drive, your children’s education, and the financial security during your working and retirement years. Fields of Success recognizes that managing your career is challenging in today’s demanding and constantly changing professional environment. Take a tour through Fields of Success. Learn about our career management solutions, our unique approach to serving our clients, and how our solutions can help you create professional value from your most important economic asset.

Our Approach

Building and sustaining a pipeline of talent is essential to the continuing success of companies operating in today’s constantly changing business environment. Companies offer professional development programs and resources to assist employees with their professional development. However, programs and resources are only effective if employees use them. Employees become engaged, take personal responsibility for their development, when they recognize the WIIFM Factor (What’s In IT For Me) and have a process that will help them serve their self-interests. The Business of Me Career Management Process, created by Fields of Success, provides a process that helps the company and the employee establish a talent development partnership.  

Company Solutions

Fields of Success understands that company resources are limited and that Talent Management organizations compete with other functions for resources. We offer solutions that optimize resource utilization by supplementing your existing programs. We deliver solutions based on the Fields of Success Organizational Alignment Triangle (OAT) to ensure that solutions align with organizational processes and responsibilities. Our solutions include professional development workshops, coaching, and career management speaking engagements that serve as building blocks to address organizational needs such as increasing employee engagement in the Talent Development Process, increasing talent retention, and recruiting talent. Our goal is to help you make your talent programs work better.